Letter from Head Librarian Betsy Hull

My mother used to say that you could count yourself rich if you could count on five friends. I am rich, indeed, at the library because I can count on many Friends to make the library better.

Some of these Friends I know by name because they appear weekly at the library to do the tedious work of book sorting, boxing, and hauling to the storage unit. Later these same boxes are schlepped to the book sale. It’s a real upper-body workout.

Some Friends I know because they attend the monthly board meetings and help plan programs that will benefit library service. These are the ones who have to listen to my library report.

Some Friends I only know on sight from helping them set up the book sales. Sale after sale, it’s the same people who move about like worker bees. There are hundreds of boxes to unpack that contain thousands of books that need to be neatly organized on tables. It’s monotonous work that needs to be done in a few hours, requiring some heavy lifting and attention to detail. Nobody gets paid.

​Some Friends are generous with their time, others with their memberships. In whatever form it takes, it’s a commitment by a few friends to make their library better for the many, who often don’t recognize the Friends hard work. I do.

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